I was in a room with about 200 Pool & Spa contractors and the speaker asked by a show of hands who in here choose to be in the pool business........myself and maybe 4 other people rose their hand. Most people in this business either just fell in and never got out or they bought the business. I remember being in high school thinking that  it would be the coolest thing to have a pool route and clean pools. While I didn't start doing this until 14 years later it was always on my mind. I have my dog to thank for finally getting me to follow my high school dream. We did just that starting from the ground up me and my dog created this business and found happiness and freedom playing and working together. Spending all that time with my dog taught me very valuable lessons that became the foundation of SeaQuest Pool Systems. She taught me that the only thing I had was my word and if I said I was to do something than I had better.....that being where I was supposed to be than whatever else was going on was most important......that all work and no play makes a crappy boss...... that doing your own thing instead of someone else's makes you the best at what your supposed to be doing........I can never repay what my dog taught me all those years but I can certainly share them with everyone I meet.......Yes I choose to be in the pool business and I wouldn't have it any other way. We look forward to serving you.

Janell Renshaw


Since 1997

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